3 Ways to Truly Express Yourself: Self Expression

We live in a world where everybody is fake. Where people keep their opinions to themselves because they are scared of rejection. If you’re reading this article, know that I am rooting for you! Do not be scared to express yourself. This is your life! The life you have right now matters! It matters a lot and you matter! You have to express yourself because you have things to do and places to see! Read this article with an open mind. 

The number one way to truly express yourself is knowing who you are and accepting it ! Without knowing who you are,  you will not be able to express yourself. Self-expression is what we all must do! We must have self- expression. Without it, you would not have your own identity. You will just be a follower and just follow what others do! You’re not here for that! Knowing who you are and accepting it, is just being comfortable with your skin, your sex, your age, your body and just showing who you are to the world! You are now owning yourself! It’s also having self confidence and self-expression! So begin to know who you are and accept it once you do that. You are now expressing yourself!

The second way to truly express yourself is gaining your own opinion about you! When you gain your own opinion about yourself, it does not matter what others think about you. You realize you know what you think about yourself and it does not matter what others think. When you have an opinion about yourself, you can have self-expression because you do not care what others think and say, you do you! You start giving yourself input on your life because your validation of yourself is the most important. You then realize that they are totally WRONG about you and do not know you! So start knowing your own opinion about you! Observe yourself and gain some positive opinions about you! This can help with expressing yourself. 

The third way to truly express yourself is by loving you! When you gain self-love for yourself you are so happy, and just do you Everywhere you go! Self- love is how you can express yourself! Gaining self- love is treating yourself to a positive movie, listening to motivation, going for your dream job, letting go of toxic people, exercising and so much more! When you love yourself, you then begin to become attractive to yourself and others! The whole world opens up and new great experiences begin to come into your life! So, love you to gain self-expression. 

Conclusion: My final thought I must say is that life is not easy. These steps can help and will help you if you want it to help. It’s not going to be easy to execute all of these ways, but it can be done if you know it can! If this article resonates, share it with a friend!

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