Should CATS be USED as PETS?

Cats should not be used as pets because they are loners: 

I believe cats should not be used as pets because they are natural loners. I know we all come across cats at some point in our lives. They live outside! They are everywhere, such as gas stations, stores, neighbors, and even in our backyards. When I see cats, I see them alone by themselves and look comfortable. They like it that way. I believe cats choose to be alone. I rarely see them with other cats. 

Cats are Spiritual beings and if they are used as pets only use them temporarily.

I believe cats want comfort and love when they are young. That is why they should stay with a human being temporarily. It has been said by that kittens are socially and behaviorally mature when they are 2 years old. I believe when cats reach the age of 2 they  are supposed to be outside by themselves and reach their full potential as a cat. As human beings, society believes another being is mature when they reach the age of 18. At the age of 18 a being is able to leave home legally. Cats should be given the same privilege as well. I believe they are not supposed to be around human beings forever because it’s not in their DNA. Cats are here to grow and develop like we all are supposed to! They are spiritual beings. As a spiritual being, you can not grow and develop when you’re around the same people and the same things for your entire life! It’s not possible! 

Final Thoughts: 

Cats are natural loners and are spiritual beings that deserve to be free and develop themselves. I say let them be at a certain age and check on them from time to time, to help and support them. I hope my article was enlightening and brought you some awareness. Share this article with a friend. Thank you.

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