Arden’s Garden Refresher Cold Pressed Fruit Juice Yuzu Currant Product Review

WHAT IS Contained in The Arden Garden Refresher Yuzu Currant?

Water, Red Currants, Yuzu Juice, Organic Agave Nectar, Erythritol, Monk Fruit Extract. This product is mostly clean and has simple ingredients and that’s great! I just have to question Erythritol which is the only chemical ingredient.

HOW DOES The Arden Garden Refresher Yuzu Currant Taste? 

It tasted okay. I honestly think it has a sour and bitter taste. Mostly because of the red currant and the yuzu. It was not too bitter and not too sour. It was honestly very unique, and it’s worth a shot at trying it! 

SHOULD I PURCHASE THE  Arden Garden Refresher Yuza Currant ?

Yes, you should purchase this product. I would definitely purchase it again myself! It was sour and bitter, but a good sour and bitter. It was still hydrating, especially on a hot day when I had it. I drank it at the perfect time! You should to! This felt great and tasted different. So, yes, you should try this product because it tastes different, it’s unique and it’s hydrating. 

Overall Rating

I rate this product 7.5. I just do not like sour and bitter tastes, so that’s why, but it was still worth trying and buying! I would buy this product again! Treat yourself to this drink by buying and looking for it at your local grocery store! I got it from Whole Foods! Share this article with a friend! Thank you! 

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