Do Choices Exist in Life?

I believe choices do exist in life. You have a choice to live or exist, but, when you do not choose life and God chooses for you. You can either be the best you or the worst you. You can be dedicated or undisciplined. You can complain or complain very little. It’s up to you. 

Where Do Choices Come From?

The word choice was first recorded in 1250-1300; the Middle English word meaning chois and the old French word choisir meaning to choose. The word choice has been here for a while, and it could have been here for even longer. 

Should I Believe in Choice?

I believe you should believe in choice. You choose every day whether you like it or not. You choose to work on your dreams and goals, you choose when to brush your teeth or even not to brush your teeth. Choices are always made, even when you make no choice. That is just how this world operates. It operates on choices. 

Final Thoughts

I believe you should take the opportunity each and every day to make choices that help you better your life! Know that God has given you the power of free will to do what you want! Use that power to be the greatest version of yourself! Share this article with a friend! Thank you!

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