2 Ways on How to not Be Jealous of Others 

The two ways on how to not be jealous of others are owning your style and focusing on yourself. Jealousy is a common thing in our society, but it should not be. You must know that you’re here for a reason and so is that other person. When you own your style and focus on yourself, you will not be jealous. Keep reading to find out more! 

One Way on How to Not Be Jealous Of Others is Owning Your Style

The one way to not be jealous of others is owning your style. When you own your style you know that nobody can ever be you, no matter how much they try. Owning your style is loving yourself! You must love yourself to not be jealous of others. Take some time to invest in yourself , put effort into yourself and energy in you. Do that by going for walks, prioritizing your health, your eating habits, your goals and dreams. You only are jealous of others because you either like what they do or you feel that you will be replaced. Know that you will never be replaced! There are a lot of spiritual beings having a human experience here and there are endless things! 

Second Way on How to Not Be Jealous Of Others Is: Focusing On Yourself

The second way on how to not be jealous of others is focusing on yourself. When you focus on yourself, you are then able to not be jealous of others. You cannot be focused on what other people have and what they do! You can use people as a positive role model to change your life, but you should not be jealous of what they have! You can have what they have in your own way! Know that and believe that! The person you are looking up to, works hard every day to have what they have. If you want it, work for it, focus on it  and be about that life every day! Improve yourself, better yourself and focus on yourself to not be jealous of others. This is your life, you’re not here to live it with envy. You’re here to learn, to grow and elevate yourself and the people around you!

My Final Thoughts: 

You have your own style. Own who you are and focus on yourself. Embrace who you are and just improve yourself day by day. When you do these two things, which are owning who you are and focusing on yourself, you will then not be jealous of others!

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