In this article, I will be discussing if fate exists for real! I believe that in our society everyone at least once comes across the word fate. So fate must be talked about. Everyone has different opinions about fate and I am here to shed a little bit more information on fate. You may or may not agree with what I say, and it is what it is. You must go within to know if fate really exists. 

Where does Fate come from? 

The Word Fate originally came from Middle English and Middle French.(According to the dictionary) “It was first recorded in 1325-1375”. Fate in Latin comes from the word fatum, which states it has spoken, decree of fate, to speak and destiny. If you are drawn to the word fate, it’s because the word itself has energy, that has been here for generations. It literally means be. 


With that being, I do believe in the word Fate because it feels right within me. The thing that makes fate real is that things are meant to happen and things happen for a reason. That is why I strongly believe in the word. If you believe in things that happen the way they are supposed to happen, then you believe in fate. Fate is a strong and powerful word, so use it right.

Final Thoughts: 

Fate exists and is real. It’s time to choose a position for yourself. Does Fate exist for you? Do you believe in it? Find out for yourself and keep asking yourself questions to learn and to grow. 

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