Say These Two Words to Boost Your Self Confidence 

The two words to say to boost self-confidence is I am and I can. You must have self confidence. If you do not have self confidence you will always be unsure about everything and lost in the world. Also, you will end up believing people 100 percent of the time, instead of making sure what they say is true. Self confidence is the key to growth and so much more in life.

One Word to Boost Your Self Confidence Is: I Am 

“I am” is one word to say to boost your self-confidence. I am brings assertiveness to who you are. “I am” makes a statement. You want to make a bold statement. When you use “I am” make sure you’re putting positive words behind the word. Doing that will give you good energy and you will start to believe it, if you do not already. Words are energy, remember that! Have authority of who you are, and make sure you put yourself in a good light and not a bad one. You use ” I am”, and have the courage, speak with power and truth. ( Say these examples to boost your self-confidence: I am the best, I am me, I am amazing and I am great.)

Second Word to Boost Your Self Confidence Is: I Can

“I can” is another word to say to boost your self-confidence. I can tell you that you can do whatever you put your mind to do. The word I can is knowing that you are capable of anything. Make sure when you use I can say these things : I can be my best self, I can go for my dreams and I can have goals. When you keep using I can and believe in it, things start to manifest with whatever you said you could do. Choose the next words right when you use I can , then you can boost your self-confidence and manifest anything you want to manifest. 

Final Thoughts: 

Words are powerful. Make sure you are using the words “ I am and I can” to help yourself grow and elevate and not hinder your growth. When you use the words I am and I can know that its energy and energy never dies. Using the words I am and I can boost your self confidence, try it and see. Share this article with a friend! Thank you!

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