2 Benefits of Eating Fruits Everyday

The two benefits of eating fruits every day are a better mood and being healthy. Eating fruits like melons is really filling and healthy. Melons are filling because they have a lot of water and are healthy because they have a lot of vitamins. Other fruits that are filling and healthy are mangos, oranges and bananas, but you must eat enough of them to be filling! Eating fruits every day can bring a better mood because it’s made of water, color and it’s alive! 

ONE Benefit of Eating Fruits Everyday is: Better Mood

A better mood is one of the benefits of eating fruits every day. We are made of water, so our bodies will love us for eating fruits because that is what fruits contain, which is water. All fruits are alive, that is why they decompose and rot. The alive factor of the fruit is what makes us feel great and have a better mood. We can smile more, have less karma and so much more because of eating fruits. The Cleveland Clinic said that oranges, mangos, lemons, kiwis, and etc contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps with anxiety, Alzheimers’s disease and depression. So why not eat it every day! It can change your mood from sad to happy and glad to be alive! 

Second Benefit of Eating Fruits Everyday is: Being Healthy 

Being healthy is the second benefit of eating fruits. By the hydration of fruits, you can become healthy because you become full and your body has the water that it needs to function throughout the day. According to Healthline: “Snacking on whole fruits instead of high-calorie candies, cookies and chips can significantly reduce calorie intake and promote weight loss. By eating fruits every day, you can lose weight, which leads to being healthy in many cases. Bananas and other fruits give energy to be able to go to work, exercise, read and other daily activities. Doing those things is an active life and an active life is a healthy life. Eat fruits to be healthy, so you can enjoy your life!

Final Thoughts:  

It’s important to eat fruits every day. You gain so many benefits, which are a healthy life and a better mood. Those are only two out of the many benefits of eating fruits every day. Why settle for an existing life when we can have a living life! Eat fruits to live, guys! Share this article with a friend! Thank you. 

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