Two Ways to Reward Yourself for Reaching Your Goals

The two ways to reward yourself for reaching your goals are dancing for as long as you want and thanking yourself. I believe you need to reward yourself when accomplishing goals. Having goals and accomplishing them is not easy. Many people in our society have goals, but do not accomplish them. Reliable Plant stated “ 20 percent of the population that does set goals only 70 percent fail to accomplish. People are giving up on their goals and you should not. Failure is a lesson. You must not give up on your goals. Always reward yourself when you accomplish your goals because you worked so hard and you deserve a special treat! 

One Way to Reward Yourself for Reaching your Goals Is Dancing:

Dancing is one of the biggest rewards you can take for reaching your goal. It’s so important to move. When you move there is power in it. Your body loves it because you begin to have so many benefits, such as better mood, healthier bones, improved sex life, enhanced brain health and so much more. You are doing yourself the biggest favor when you get up and just dance. So dance to your favorite song as a reward, because you deserve it and your body will love that. 

The Second Way to Reward Yourself for Reaching your Goals is to Thank Yourself:

Thanking yourself is a very important way to reward yourself. You must thank yourself for all the time, effort, dedication and discipline you put in to achieve your goals. If you do not thank yourself, you’re not going to want to keep having more goals. Thanking is gratitude. Your spirit, mind, body and soul are all connected. They are listening even if you do not think that they are. They are part of you and are you. You must show them that you care and appreciate them for showing up. Without good health, you will not accomplish your goals. Without your mind, you would not have any ideas. Without your spirit, you would not be here because we are all spirits and without your soul you would not find your purpose. Everything is connected, so you must thank your body, mind, spirit and soul because without them you would not accomplish anything. 

Final Thoughts:

You are here to have goals and accomplish your goals. Do not always have that work mentality. Take some time to reward yourself for all your efforts. If you do not reward yourself, you’re not going to want to keep doing it. Use these ways to reward yourself for reaching your goals and keep setting new goals. Share this article with a friend. Thank you!

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