3 Benefits of Exercising Daily 

The three main benefits of working out are maintaining weight, a good mood and thinking higher. I believe we all need to workout daily because we are spiritual beings having a human experience. While having a human experience, we have a body. We must take care of our bodies. Our bodies are meant to move, that is why we need to stretch and that’s why we feel alive when we workout. So keep reading this article to gain a perspective on working out daily. 

One benefit of exercising daily is: Maintaining Weight.

One of the benefits of exercising daily is the ability to maintain your weight and so much more. It has been said in a Mayo Clinic article that “ Exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. It has also been said that when you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. I believe those things are true based on my own personal experience. I went on a journey of exercising daily and eating much better than I used to and I lost weight. You can do it too! I do believe that if you want to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your weight, you need exercise in your life. That is how you can accomplish the healthy goals that you have in your life. 

The Second benefit of exercising daily is: Good Mood

The second benefit of exercising daily is a good mood. When you exercise daily, it improves your mood. According to a Harvard Health article, it has been said that running for 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour can reduce the risk of major depression. It was also said from the article there was a 26% decrease in the odds of someone becoming depressed. I believe it is true! When you do exercise you feel good. You become so focused on being in the here and now. You focus on just being. You feel great and empowered when you exercise. So start working out and see your mood change from bad to good. If you feel like shit it’s time to go for a walk! Brighten your day with a walk! 

The Third benefit of exercising daily is : Thinking Higher

The third benefit of exercising daily is thinking higher. When you exercise during your workout and after your workout, you can gain ideas about things you want to do and things you want to accomplish. You become ambitious and want to set goals for yourself and complete your goals. Exercising can really change your life and help you become disciplined if you want to. So, during a workout and after a workout, if you have ideas or goals you want to set. Set them and accomplish them! It’s up to you! 

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts: exercising is good for you all around. You can gain so many good things. I hope this article resonates. Share this with a friend. Thank you! 

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