3 Reasons WHY Biking for Exercise is Worth it!!!

The three reasons why biking for exercise is worth it: It’s an easy workout, you can explore new places and you lose weight. Exercise is important and vital for a healthy and prosperous life and by biking you can do that. I kept coming across this reel on Instagram that was saying how if a person is overweight and they exercise they will outlive the person that does not exercise and has a normal body weight. Even though it was a statement, I believe it’s true. Everything comes together with your body, your mind, your spirit and it dictates whether you have an amazing life. Biking is a very easy, explorative and freeing exercise. Gain some perspective within this article and be open-minded. I will be writing about the three reasons why biking for exercise is worth it. I am leaving a fact: (According to a Forbes article) “ 28% of Americans don’t do physical activity”. The article was published on January 26, 2023. If you want to live long and do not want health problems, you must exercise, so keep reading to find three reasons why biking for exercise is worth it.

The One reason why biking for exercise is worth it: It’s an easy workout.

The fact that biking allows you to sit down and just move your legs is awesome. With biking you can also build stamina and endurance. You can step up your game and do jogs, runs or even walk longer. Biking allows you to go at your own pace by pedaling as fast and as long as you want. It’s easy because you end up going super far without even realizing it. You’re also burning calories and having fun because it’s super easy and you feel the wind rushing into your face. Biking is easy on your back, hips, knees and ankles. So anyone can do it, with any problems that you may have because its impact is so low impact. 

The Second Reason why biking for exercise is worth it: you begin to explore and find new places in your area!!

By biking you’re able to find new places you have never been before. I believe life is all about finding what’s out there, having experiences and expanding your outlook on life. By biking you can do that! For me, I found this blimp place that I didn’t even know about. It was cool! I also found a childhood pizza place which was cool. I believe I am going to find more places out there on my bike and it will just better my experience on Earth. We are not here to just know the same places and experience the same things. We are here to expand our perspectives and find more and be more. We can not do that if we do not go out and want to find new things. So take your bike out to exercise for your health and find new places you have never been to before. You will expand yourself and really grow as a human being!

The Third Reason why biking for exercise is worth it: You lose weight!!!

Losing weight by biking is very easy. As I stated before, you can go far on your bike without even realizing it. The calories you burn while biking varies by weight, but according to Healthline, a “155 pound person can burn 298 calories for 30 minutes of bike”. Imagine you do this every day. You are burning a good amount of calories by biking! As I stated before, you can go far on your bike. The further you go, the more time spent and more calories burned. When you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight. So make sure you’re eating enough to lose weight from the exercise you do. You can also maintain your weight by biking by just biking enough. 

Final Thoughts

Biking for exercise is worth it! You gain so much from biking that you probably didn’t realize until now. You gain good health, stamina, endurance, new areas to watch, lose weight and you just have fun while doing it. Bike for exercise today, tomorrow and soon, because you are here to live long, you’re here to elevate yourself, and you’re here to experience. Share this article with a friend. 

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