Chipotle Sofritas Bowl Product Review

WHAT IS IN The Chipotle Sofritas Bowl?

 It is sofritas with whatever you want to add. I added guacamole,corn, half white rice and half brown rice. It is a great filling bowl!  Everything went very well together. I had this bowl from the Pompano Beach location. The sofritas is tofu. Tofu is vegan!!!! It is curd from mashed soybeans. I believed the sofritas made the dish super good. The brown rice and white rice by itself tasted like they needed seasoning, but it blended very well with everything. 


Yes, you should buy the Chipotle Sofritas Bowl. It is very filling and satisfying. The sofritas looked like meat, which is really good. If you’re not a vegan, you will enjoy it because it looks like meat. If you are a vegan, you will enjoy this as well!!! It did not taste like meat, but it tasted very good and well-seasoned and kind of close to tasting like meat. The guacamole was on point! It tasted earthy as always and it helped the dish. I had the guacamole to top off the dish. The corn was very good! It has cilantro on it and lime, which pair super well. The corn was also well seasoned. The only thing that needed seasoning, as I stated, was the rice. 

 Overall Rating  

Overall, I would rate the dish 9.5. This is a very good vegan dish. I would highly recommend going to your local chipotle and trying the sofritas bowl. If you are a vegan and non-vegan, you will enjoy it! Sofritas are a lot healthier and better for you in the long term! It also tastes amazing and very satisfying! Share this article with a friend! Thank you.

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