Go-Marco (Marco Bar) Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Product Review 

What is the History of the Go-Marco BAR?

This bar is mother- daughter owned and is based in a small rural community. The Go Macro Bar’s mission is to spread awareness for a blanched, plant- based lifestyle with products that have positive effects on the world and inspire others to have a healthy body, sharp mind and bold spirit. That’s a great mission statement guys. They actually care about us and want us to thrive! 


Yes, you should buy the go Marco oatmeal bar. The Go- Marco Bar is a very high-energy and tasty bar. The bar tastes just like oats and chocolate chip cookies. I like how as soon as I took one bite of the bar and swallowed it, I instantly felt energized. All of Go Marco Products are certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Non- GMO, Clean and Soy free. That is amazing! It is really healthy. The Go Marco Bar oatmeal chocolate chip ingredients are: Organic brown rice, Organic sunflower seed butter, organic protein blend, (organic sprouted brown rice protein, organic pea protein), organic gluten- free rolled oats, organic chocolate chips, (organic coconut sugar, organic cocoa, organic cocoa butter), organic crispy brown rice, organic brown rice syrup, sea salt), organic maple sugar, organic natural flavor, organic puffed brown rice, sea salt. It has all natural and clean ingredients. The ingredients seemed a little lengthy, but I still love this product. This Go Marco Oatmeal Chocolate Chip bar has a good design on the cover. I like how it looks and it did not overdo it! I am actually not a bar eater because I tried some bars that are vegan, but it never gave me energy! I look for energy and good taste when eating bars. This gave me both! 

Overall Rating

I rate this product 10/10. I really really love this product! The taste was chewy, and the flavors went well together! It was a good amount of oats and chocolate chips! If you like oatmeal and chocolate chips, you must buy these! highly recommend this product! This bar will keep you energized if you are doing a jog, walking, going to work, running and so much more! I will definitely buy this in the future! This bar has changed my mind about not buying bars! This is a good one! You must try! (This is good for vegans and non-vegans) Share this article with a friend!!! Thank you!

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