The Importance of Knowing Why Your Here


It is important to know why you are here, because then you won’t be lost in the sauce. Day by day we live, we love, we explore, we do things. You do not want to be stuck in the loop of just doing the routine thing, and that’s what happens when you don’t know why you are here. We all must know why, to stay grounded in reality. We stay grounded because each and every day that we see there is a reason why. So live this one guaranteed life that has been given to us. God wants us to, so we must. 

 More reason

You must know why you’re here because you do not want to have the anxiety, the stress and the depression of not knowing why you’re here each and every day. In school they tell us we are supposed to go to college. In college it’s about studying this field and that field. How can you study a field? When you do not know why you’re here or if your personality fits the field you’re studying. You must know who you are because it will lead to what career you’re supposed to have. Also, you do not want to spend lots of money on college and have to pay back so much because you are doing a career that isn’t you. Take the time to know who you are , which will always lead to why you’re here.

 Life is about living, exploring, knowing your purpose and being of service to yourself and others. You can only be of service to others when you are of service to yourself. Being of service to others is knowing your purpose, and being in your purpose. You can not be in your purpose without knowing your why. Everything leads back to your why. The biggest question of our entire life is why was I put on this Earth? You must ask yourself why you are here. Take the initiative to find out why you’re here by going within and doing your best to be present.

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