Self Love Is the BEST LOVE

Self-love is always the best love. You must take care of yourself first and others later. Self-love is what we all must have in life and one of the reasons why we all are. We are here temporarily on this planet, so live your life loving yourself and knowing yourself. If you do not love yourself, it is going to be your downfall. In this article I will be explaining why you must have self-love. 


The first reason why you must have self-love is as I stated before, we are here temporarily on this planet. During the time that we have, we do not want to fill it with self- hate for ourselves because it ends up on others. God wants us to fill our lives with happiness. That’s why Earth has happy places and beings. So take advantage of this temporary life that we have on this planet. Fill this life with good vibes, peace, love, laughter, good friends and family. In order to have all those things, it starts with loving you and knowing you. 


The second reason why you must have self-love is because without self-love you won’t want to live. It’s not good to be in a depressed state all the time. Self-love is why you will not be depressed all the time. With Self- love, you are taking care of yourself, having peace and just being authentic. Self- love is how you will be going after your dreams and goals. Self-love is how you want to thrive and not just survive. Self-love is living and we are here to live. So gain self love because it’s yours for the taking. 


Today, this moment is the chance you have to be about self- love. So gain self-love today and every day that you see because it’s yours. You have to root for yourself first because everything starts within. As always, self-love is the best love. Note: If this article resonates, share it with whoever needs it. 

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